Patient Testimonials

"We have been with Dr. Mu for years and he's an Excellent dentist and his staffs are very helpful. He only suggested the very best to you in terms of technology and procedures when you are in needs of keeping your oral clean. I have two daughters 8 yrs and 3 yrs old. To get them to the dentist is a hardest thing to do. But when they are there, Dr. Mu will put them to the best and most comfortable position to have their teeth clean. I am totally recommend Dr. Mu if you need your dental work done." - James Chau

"Dr. Mu has been my dentist for 10 years. He had taken care of my cavity fillings, root canal, crown, implant, etc. He has a lot of experience and his skills are excellent. I feel comfortable letting him treat my teeth problems. He is also patient and takes time explaining to me the procedures. The cost is also very reasonable. Above all, I would recommend friends and my family members to Dr. Mu as well." - Jing Liu

"I visited Dr. Mu routinely over the last 8 years. He conducted various treatments to me including cavity fillings, crown, and a front tooth implant. He has experienced hands and treated my teeth problems very well. He also showed me good daily routines to take care of my implant which I found to be very helpful. My Mom recently visited for a simple check and procedure. He did a very good job and the cost is very reasonable." - Marilyn Z.

"我左右两边缺牙多颗,还有残根20-30年,缺牙周围牙骨残缺,凹凸不平,进食困难。以前看 过的牙医都说,缺骨严重,无法修复。经人介绍我去看沐医生。沐医生认真负责,诊所设备先进 齐全,医辅人员和蔼可亲。沐医生为我制定一整套治疗方案。手术拔除残根,铲除突起的牙骨, 然后植骨修复大面积骨缺损,最后在缺牙区植入6颗人工牙,大约花一年时间,彻底解决我缺牙无 法吃饭的问题,在此谢谢沐医生为我做的一切" - 乔先生

"I had receding gum and Dr. Mu suggested a procedure called PST (pinhole surgical technique. I was skeptical at the beginning because I was told it is a fairly new technique. My family has been seeing Dr. Mu for quite a number of years and I trust his expertise. So I had the procedure done a few months ago.

Just like Dr. Du had described to me, it is more or less painless compared with the classic surgical procedure. Besides swollen face in the first a couple of days, I didn't have much discomfort and did not need to take painkiller at all. It does take several months before the gum feels normal but the effect is fairly satisfactory. I would recommend the procedure and Dr. Mu." - XD.


"I just got my wisdom tooth removed here a week ago. Dr. My was nice and professional. The whole process went fast without giving any pain. Actually I couldn't feel anything since the second day after the surgery. I feel lucky to come here and meet Dr.Mu. Thank you so much!!" - Yuchen H.


"I have been Dr. Mu's patient for last 5 years. Before that, I was with other dentists for 8 years, but I decided to switch to Dr. Mu, because he did much better dental work, and showed respect to his patient.

The unexpected visit was an emergency 5 years ago. I broke off half of my top front tooth horizontally, rushed to Dr. Mu's dental office. He drilled two holes, inserted two pins, and fixed the tooth in about half an hour. He told me that it was a temporary fix. However, after done, it looks like my own tooth. Even after 5 years, this "temporary" tooth still looks and acts like my own. Since then I switched to him.

My habit of grinding teeth while sleeping caused a vertical crack at one tooth 7 years ago. Due to delay of insurance approval, it cracked wide open one day eventually. It is so painful so I have to have it pulled.  I tried to do implant, but my previous dentist could not do it. Because of aforementioned experience, also I learned that implant was a routine procedure for him, I asked Dr. Mu to do it after switching to his office. The implant was very successful, even the surgery to drill screw in did not cause any pain or infection. So I could go for vacation next day. Implant is still very good and solid today.

I just want to share my own personal experience here. In last 5 years, I really received high quality dental work in Dr. Mu's office with below average price. I would recommend him to my friends." - Hongwen L.


"My wife and I have been going to Dr. Mu's office over 16 years now. Our visits include regular clean, deep clean, root canals, and very recently a very complicated big bone graft plus cosmetic crown implant, very happy so far. There are a few cases with my son that Dr Mu referred us to pediatric dentists so I appreciate his honesty on that. My wife recently had a cosmetic procedure done with Dr. Mu and is very happy with the result. Well done! We've had nothing but pleasant experiences with his office." - Raymond Y.


"I got my 3 wisdom teeth pulled by an oral surgeon there. I went back to work the next day. It was so fast and easy. He was good! Highly recommended." - Haruka H.


"An honest affordable dentist! I met Dr. Mu around 2006 and was impressed with his gentle hands and quality work. Whether you have insurance or are cash pay, his office manager, Ms. Kim, will do her best. They have helped out my family numerous times with dental emergencies and routine work. Be nice to them and they will be very nice to you!" - Veronica


"Great skills and great teamwork. I had my braces with Dr. Mu and it turned out perfectly. At the beginning, 4 wisdom teeth and 4 other teeth had to be removed and Dr. Mu did a really good job. I can't say having my teeth pulled out was a nice experience but he did away better that all my other childhood dentists. He did it quick and nothing hurt during the procedure, the gum recovered quickly and he made me go back to check after a few days of the procedure(I don't know any dentist does that....). I had my braces removed recently and there was no cavity! the teeth are all good, not even color changes. He double checked a lot of things to make sure the teeth were not affected by the braces, which I think is being super responsible. Also, scheduling an appointment is really easy for me. They try to arrange the best schedule for you as they can. I'm really satisfied with this place and feel I'm lucky to pick this dentistry among others." - Yang H.


"I have been going to Dr Mu's office for 15 years. I have never been to a finer dentist or dental office. They treat you like a king here. I don't understand some of the other comments about the work there. I have had crowns and a root canal , filling, and cleanings. All were done painlessly with precision. Dr Mu is careful and always makes sure you are comfortable. Since going to Dr Mu I know longer have pain and cold sensitivity. There has been no problem with my insurance. His office staff, Nancy, and Kim, are polite and kind His hygienists do complete cleanings and education. I highly recommend Dr Mu's office" - Michael M.


" Dr. Mu and his staff are amazing. Ever since I started going here I have not thought about going to a different Dr. I recommend all my friends and family to Dr. Mu. He uses current technology, clearly explains what his recommendations are, does his job with minimal pain, and gives you the costs upfront." - Ed O.


"Dr Mu is altogether great.

I absolutely dislike dental offices since i've had awful experiences while growing up with dentists that cared little about factors such as pain/comfort, honesty and personal preference.

Dr Mu's office is clean and comfortable, nothing fancy... but if you want to pay that extra grand or two (literally) for a nice office, that's up to you i suppose. i've had four appointments with him over the last few weeks and it's been better then i could have hoped for.

First great thing is that he always fits me in within a couple days of when i call, and scheduling new appointments always seem easy and quick, not like some offices where you have to wait a month to get a day compatible with your schedule. Another thing is that he's definitely not trying to scam you for your money. He only does what is necessary as far as fixing and preventing, and he tells you how much each procedure will cost when he brings it up... no long examination with pretty talk, and then bam $3,000. Third and most important, he applies anesthetics as needed. If you're more sensitive to pain (like me) he'll give you an appropriate amount and if you're still in pain he'll try different methods of relieving you such as more anesthesia if suitable or he'll just use different drills that are slower but cause less sharp pains." - Karen C.


"Great dentist, gentle touch, almost no pain. Other dentists have tried to sell me on expensive procedures and medications. Dr. Mu works with my needs and insurance to provide me pretty afordable service that doesn't break my piggy bank. No unesessary procedures and the ones he does are much more pleasant than previous dentists I've had. He is patient with me, explains the procedures and does masterfull work on my mouth. I definetly recomend him and now my friends are going to him too." - Francisco C.


"Dr Mu is the consummate professional and prices fairly as well. He loves what he does, is proud of it and always knows what is going on in his field. I have entrusted him with my family of six for close to ten years including orthodontics. I drive out of my way to have him as my dentist because he is worth it. He is an excellent choice for a dentist!" - Rob. M.


"Dear Dr. Mu, Nancy, Kim, Linda, and all the hygienists, thank you very much for your excellent services for all these years when we were in San Diego. Now we’re moving to another state, and we will miss you all. Wish you and your office the best, and keep doing your great work!" - The Li Family


"I got my 3 wisdom teeth pulled by an oral surgeon there. I went back to work the next day. It was so fast and easy. he was good! Highly recommended." - Albie M.


"Dr. Mu has been my dentist for many years, and his dental skill is simply impeccable. I remembered always seeing my friends or colleagues with ballooned swelling on their cheeks and suffering from deep pains after tooth extraction, and thus I was really nervous when Dr. Mu was about to pull out my tooth. However, before I even realized what was going on, Dr. Mu had already got my bad tooth out! On the following day, I did not have any visible swelling! When Dr. Mu began to do implant, I was one of the first patients to receive this new technology. Although this was a very complex procedure, Dr. Mu made the whole process almost painless, and the outcome was textbook perfect. There is no question in my mind that Dr. Mu is one of the best dentists you can find." - Wen


"I went to many dental offices before finding Dr. Xusheng Mu. Before I found him, I was very disappointed and scared with medical terms and big numbers. I researched online and asked my friends and later I went to Dr. Xusheng Mu’s Family Dentistry. I am very pleased by the quality of services Dr. Mu’s office provided and the reasonable money charged. My every visit to his office was very well planned by his staff and Dr.Mu always explained very clearly to me the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure. He is a very experienced doctor and a great person. I got every thing done at his office and my most current visit was to get my wisdom teeth removed. I still can’t believe how dexterous Dr. Mu is with his hands. I didn’t feel any pain when he extracted my 2 wisdom teeth. Later, I did not need a pain killer. I thank him and every one at his office for taking care of me and reassuring me that I do not need to spend money on something unnecessary to keep my smile healthy. He is the best dentist and his office is a great place go." - Vaseem


"Dr. Mu and his staff are very professional, gentle and competent. He has a very good estimation of the overall cost and offers flexible payment plans. I was worried about my over-crowded teeth and did not want to have any of them removed. Dr. Mu was able to accommodate my wish and after 3 months of the treatment, I started to see a big change in my teeth alignment. Because Dr. Mu is very experienced in the dental care area, he can effectively handle both the speed of my progress as well as the pain I can tolerate. I had much less pain than I expected during the procedure and I can still enjoy the foods I love. I highly recommend Dr. Mu for anyone who is considering orthodontics" - Wei


"For the past 9 years, Dr. Mu has been my family’s dentist. I used to be the kind of person who was scared to see a dentist. But I was happy that I found the best dentist! Dr. Mu is a very gentle and skilled dentist in all aspects of his profession. He has fixed my damaged old bridges, crowns and has fixed my bad root canal treatment in the molar. He was also very good in cosmetic dentistry. He has made beautiful crowns for me that look very natural. I have always had a confident and bright smile since then. I was very happy for all the work he had done for me. I also like all his staff and the happy, relaxing environment of his office. I would highly recommend Dr. Mu to anyone who needs to see a dentist" - Hua


"Three years ago, I had some teeth infection in one of my front teeth (the big one), and my former dentist referred me to a well known specialist in that field for further treatment. After a quick inspection, the specialist suggested to pull out my front tooth and then perform implant surgery; otherwise, I may have some serious problem in the near future. This kind of surgery would have cost me about $3000.00, and I told him that I had planned to have a vacation very soon. He had no problem with that, and said that after pulling out my tooth, he could put temporary replacement material to cover the hole. Though I knew very little about dentistry, my common sense told me that there should be some other solutions. I didn’t want someone to simply pull out my tooth and replace it with some steel material inside my mouth. I always believed that man-made material could never compare with natural ones.

I did some research by looking in the local newspaper, magazines, and online…, and finally I found Dr. Mu.

Dr. Mu gave me a very carefully inspection and told me he was 80% sure that I could keep my front tooth. His treatment plan was to first put some medicine in my infection place, which had already became a small hole, and after a few weeks, renew this medicine. His approach worked, and after 2 treatments, my infection had completely gone. Altogether, this treatment cost me only about less then 100.00. Dr. Mu not only saved me a lot of money, but most importantly, he save my original tooth.

3 years have passed by since my last treatment, yet my tooth is still in a very healthy condition.

After this treatment, my whole family became Dr. Mu’s patients. We all realized that Dr. Mu is a dentist who we can trust." - X. Yang


"I have been a patient at Dr Mu's office for at least 12 years. This is the best run dental office I have ever encountered. The dentist, Dr. Mu, is superb in both his dentistry talents and his patient manner.

The staff is efficient and supportive of the patients. They helped me through a wisdom tooth extraction (on a Saturday afternoon!), two crowns, and replacement of several fillings. Dr Mu practices preventive dentistry and by keeping regular appointments I have avoided any painful or emergency situations.

The office is conveniently open on Saturdays which has saved me from having to take time off from my very busy job. I found Dr Mu's office by chance but it is by choice that I keep coming back, as it is well worth the drive." - Michael McAndrew, M.D. (Child/Adolescent/Adult Psychiatry, ABPN)


"Yup, our family dentistry.

The place is clean, actually very comfortable.

They Speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and English.

Dr. Mu is very professional and tells our family exactly what we need. Recommend to try out. The deep clean I get is actually much better than the ones I 've had done before in convoy.

They actually clean without feeling like they're tearing your gums apart.... I'm so glad i found a dentist that caters to my needs and cares about my well-being in conjunction with my oral health! I'd recommend him to anyone. Also he is a metlife recommended dentist so there's a possible plus, and he does speak FLUENT english/mandarin/cantonese so there will be no language barrier whatsoever if any of those fit you. " - David W.


"I had an very bad experience at other dentist before, so when my tooth get pain again, I decide to go to the new dentist my friend recommend me, --xusheng Mu. the place is located in a shopping mall, so if u are boring while waitting, you can always shopping a little bit :) Dr. Mu is very good at my bad tooth, he identify my bad tooth and show me the photo to me so that I can see my problem very clearly. Then when operate, his hand is really very soft and gentle, not causing too much pain to me. the result is good. much better than the last one i have, that one cost me two good tooth turns to be bad. the cost is also reasonable, but still felt exprnsive for a student like me." - Liying S.

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